Monday, 5 December 2011

Funbounce Entertainments - Bouncy Castle Hire Leeds: New Equiptment Novermber 2011

Funbounce Entertainments - Bouncy Castle Hire Leeds: New Equiptment Novermber 2011: Well its been a hectic summerfor us at funbounce and the manufacturing side has gone from strength to strength. Were currently in the midd...

New Equiptment Novermber 2011

 Well its been a hectic summerfor us at funbounce and the manufacturing side has gone from strength to strength.

Were currently in the middle of our largest winter refurb so farwith every sing item we one including our vans and wrehouse been overhauled, sold & replaced. Its been a long tast so far and its set to trake us right into the start of March next year but it should be worth it.

We have addede 30 new products to our website which went live this morning and we hope to be adding a hole new site by the end of march too. This will encorporate the hire and manufactre all under one roof.

Were really exited about the changes and so should you. This year will be our busiest year yet.

My personal favourite is the all new Pitchburst game shown below. the trial runs fo this game have been fantastic and we've manufactured two of them in anticipation that it will so good for next year.

Another of our new inflatables is the Airborn Adventure that we now have in stock, the aim of this one is that you sit in the rocket ships cabin and when the pressure gets high enough, the rocket lifts the participant 20ft into the air untill they can see out of the viewing platform at the top. A brilliant concet and set to be really popular for 2012.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Manufacturing our own inflatables

Well its been quite sometime since our last blog as we've been extremely busy throughout the summer.

Our bouncy castle manufacturing venture is beginning to pay off and we now have a large range of custom made products under our belt as seen below.

The artwork is all hand painted by one of the country's top inflatable artists and we're very proud of her, look out for her trade mark fairy symbols hidden on all our bespoke inflatables.

Why not come and visit our factory for yourselves? We now have a double office and meeting room with very large glass windows to enable you to view the production process for your selves (SEE FACTORY BELOW) We use state of the art CNC cutting machines, Autocad design software to produce veritual models of the inflatables before we produce them and assemble them her in our Leeds based factory.

We manufacture bouncy castles, ball pools, slides and much much more, specially for our own hire fleet so if you've seen something you like, just give us a shout and we may make one just for you?

Monday, 2 May 2011

The Royal Wedding

Well what can I say, We've had a tremendous weekend at Funbounce bouncy castle hire!

We successfully delivered a whopping 46 bouncy castles, 12 generators, 7 inflatable games, 12 giant games, 3 sumo suits, 5 bouncy slides and 3 rodeo bulls and many other action packed activities to all you royal patriots on Friday.

The majority of our work on Friday was to street parties across Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Halifax & York although we did get as far as Scarborough but Mrs Warren who hired our our new assault course in Scarborough did make it worth our while and loaded us up plenty with royal cream buns for the journey home : )

The Best Bit:   We did a large its a knockout event in Birmingham which was by far the best event we've ever taken on and the new scoring system format was fantastic, really simple, really fun and really unpredictable! Just the way an its a knockout should be. Everyone went home dripping wet, covered in foam and gunge and a good day was had by all. Even 3 year old jack who decided watching daddy wasn't enough and decided to run the full length of the arena being chased by mum. Well done jack... your a star in the making!

Food for Thought........   It was lovely to see Yorkshire at its best, with local communities working together as a team. The community spirit this weekend was fantastic and should be something we consider doing a lot more often.

inflatable event photo

Anyway that's enough from me, Have a good weekend and by for now.

Samantha x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Funbounce Start Manufacturing in March 2011

Hi guys and thanks again for reading our blog.

Well this year we've got quite a shock in store for our customers.... wait for it!
Were going into manufacturing our own bouncy castles and inflatables for our hire fleet.

We're trying to take manufacture and bespoke design to the next level by implementing as much hi-tech equipment as we can to the design process and covering it with bespoke airbrushed artwork such as below.

One of the big purchases is the Zundplotter 2500cv Digital Cutting Machine, this allows us to turn our ideas to life by cutting out any designs we come up with to scale and in full. Its a fantastic machine and really will bring our creations to life at the touch of a button.

Each item will be specifically tailored to suit our own requirements and we've already begun designing new products with some of the most up to date software in he UK.

This years will see bigger, better and bolder inflatables than ever before and we really do look forward to opening our doors to our customers at the end of March 2011.

I hope to see you all there soon...

We've also updated many of our inflatable pages too to include some of our new designs (see links below)

Regards Samantha & Lee x x x

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Help us combat fraud - NEW guestbook

Due to the number of spammers in Leeds & Wakefield trying their best to disrupt the honest reviews of innocent bouncy castle, sumo suit, rodeo bull, gladiator dual and general entertainment companies, we have launched our own independent review system which is logged with a privately hosted site, one that we do not have access to change information.

This software tracks individual IP addresses and allows us to block our competitors from leaving reviews. This software has proved well with a growing number of guests so please leave a review of our bouncy castle hire service in Leeds, Our bouncy castle hire service in Huddersfield, Bradford, Halifax, York, Doncaster & Sheffield.

The new guestbook which can be found just one click away from our bouncy castle and rodeo bull hire homepage and enables customers to write their views and opinions or our services through experience directly on our website without the worry of spammers altering their statements.

It should also give any new customers an insight into what we do and why they should choose our services. All the comments on the Funbounce guest book are personally written by our customers as you can see using the following link: Funbounce Bouncy Castle & Rodeo Bull Hire GUESTBOOK

The main reason for founding this Guestbook was that Funbounce Entertainments have this week been approached by Google and informed that we were receiving an unnatural level of bad publicity from one particular IP address. Google advised us of the IP address and we traced it to one of our new bouncy castle & rodeo bull hire competitors. I think it would be very unprofessional to state which company did this but they know who they are and I hope my 4,000+ previous customers appreciate our services and not be put off by the spam reviews.

Hopefully the guestbook will provide us with information that our bouncy castle and rodeo bull hire customers might not be so forth coming with and give us an insight into what we’re doing right or maybe even wrong? Who knows? You could argue that it’s a great risk with us not having the power to edit it but at least only genuine reviews will be left whatever they might state.

Why not leave a review yourself? Please CLICK HERE if you wish to do so...

Well hats it for now, talk to you soon x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Bouncy Castle of the Year Awards 2010

It’s that time of the year again..... It’s the Annual Bouncy castle of the year awards. This year we have an even larger range of categories all of which have been created and voted upon by you.
The award categories and winners are listed below and provide a great insight into the most successful items we have and should help you choose the perfect item for your event. All of the inflatable’s featured can be found on our website

Most popular Boy’s bouncy castle of the year:
1st Place - “Pirate Combo” - LINK
2nd Place - “24x24 HUGE Bouncy Castle” - LINK
3rd Place - “50ft Assault Course” - LINK
4th Place - “15x15 Activity Castle” - LINK
5th Place - “Disco Dome & PA System” - LINK

Most popular Girl’s bouncy castle of the year:
1st Place - “Pirate Combo” - LINK
2nd Place - “12x12 Princess” - LINK
3rd Place - “Disco Dome & PA System” - LINK
4th Place - “12x12 Waterworld” - LINK
5th Place - “15x15 Foam Castle” - LINK

Most popular ADULT inflatable of the year:
1st Place - “15x15 Pirate” - LINK
2nd Place - “Disco Dome & PA System” - LINK
3rd Place - “50ft Assault Course” - LINK
4th Place - “Wrecking Ball” - LINK
5th Place - “Sumo & Fat Slapper Suits” - LINK

Most popular inflatable of the year:
1st Place - “Pirate Combo” - LINK
2nd Place - “Noah’s Arc” - LINK
3rd Place - “50ft Assault Course” - LINK
4th Place - “Bungee Run & Eliminator” - LINK
5th Place - “Human Table Football” - LINK

Novelty Item of the year of the year:
1st Place - “Noah’s Arc” - LINK
2nd Place - “Rodeo Bull & Surf Sim” - LINK
3rd Place - “Wrecking Ball” - LINK
4th Place - “Mobile Play Centre” - LINK
5th Place - “Foam Party Cannon” - LINK

Major Event Item of the year of the year:
1st Place - “Noah’s Arc” - LINK
2nd Place - “Rodeo Bull & Surf Sim” - LINK
3rd Place - “Titanic Slide” - LINK
4th Place - “Climbing Wall” - LINK
5th Place - “Bungee Run”- LINK

1st Place - “Pirate Combo” - LINK
2nd Place - “Noah’s Arc” - LINK
3rd Place - "Rodeo Bull & Surf Sim” - LINK

We’ll that’s it for this year but feel free to check out the 20 NEW items we have in store for 2011 on our main hire page over at . 10 of which have been purchased upon request from our customers.

Watch this space... More coming soon x